iOS 16 Lock Screen Guide: Widgets, Customization Options and More

Apple has overhauled the Lock Screen in iOS 16, introducing all kinds of customization options that let you make your Lock Screen unique. You can choose widgets, customize the colors, and use emojis, photos, or built-in wallpapers.

All these new features of iOS 16 allow us to completely customize our iPhone. This guide walks through all the changes Apple made to the iPhone lock screen in ‌iOS 16‌, which is now available for all eligible devices.

On the other hand, we have also added a complete video customizing your iPhone with iOS 16. This video is subtitled, you must access YouTube to see it in your language!

Editing Your Lock Screen

You can get to all the controls to experiment with by unlocking your ‌iPhone‌ with Face ID or Touch ID, swiping downwards if you’re not already on the Lock Screen, and then long pressing on the display!

Once you are on this lock screen, it is time to start customizing your iPhone with iOS 16.

From there, you can tap the «+» button to create a new lock screen or tap the «Customize» option to customize the current lock screen. You can choose different wallpapers or add your own, or from additional Personalization Kits, colors and widgets.

Time Customization

After you choose a Lock Screen wallpaper, you can customize everything else on the Lock Screen, including the font and color of the time that’s displayed. On any Lock Screen wallpaper, you tap on customize and then tap on the box that’s around the time to change the design.

You can choose from several different fonts, and depending on the Lock Screen, a selection of colors. Most Lock Screens support any color, but there are a few of the Apple-designed options that are less customizable.

As with most of the color options, you can choose from preselected colors or use the color wheel to pick any color that you like.

After you’ve selected your preferred design for the time, you can tap on the «x» to finish customizing your Lock Screen.


The wallpaper customization options are nice for a one-of-a-kind look for your Lock Screen, but what really sets ‌iOS 16‌ apart is the option to add widgets to your Lock Screen.

In the customization interface, whether creating a new Lock Screen or customizing an existing Lock Screen, there are two separate widget boxes that you can edit. You can change the widget above the time, and add up to four different widget boxes below.

The widget interfaces are not as complex as the widgets available in the Today view and the ‌Home Screen‌, but are instead more subtle versions that blend in with the rest of your Lock Screen setup.