How to get vines and Glowind moss | DIY Recipes

The new update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has different novelties such as Vines and Glowing Moss, as well as new unique DIY recipes, Vines and Glowing Moss have been added as beautiful new flora options to decorate your island.

Learn how to find these items and see all of the crafting recipes that use them in this guide.

What Are Vines & Glowing Moss?

Vines can be used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as an item placed on the side of your island’s cliffs for both decoration and a makeshift ladder that can be climbed!

Glowing Moss looks somewhat similar to Weeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but feature a distinct glowing effect at night and even emit little glowing specks as you walk across the plant.

How To Get Glowing Moss & Vines

The main way to get Glowing Moss and Vines in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is from a special new Mystery Island only accessible by Kapp’n Boat Tours!

So we will have to talk to Kapp’n to start visiting new desert islands until we find these new plants. Glowing Moss spread out on the ground, and Plumeria Bushes planted everywhere. They’re not just for looking at either — go ahead and pick everything up to take back home with you to plant on your home island!

An alternative shortcut way you can easily get your hands on some Vines & Glowing Moss items is by playing the paid Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise DLC expansion!

Vines & Glowing Moss DIY Crafting Recipes List

  • Cave
  • Full-Body Glowing-Moss Suit
  • Giant Vine
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers
  • Glowing-Moss Balloon
  • Glowing-Moss Boulder
  • Glowing-Moss Cave Wall
  • Glowing-Moss Dress
  • Glowing-Moss Flooring
  • Glowing-Moss Forest Wall
  • Glowing-Moss Headband
  • Glowing-Moss Hood
  • Glowing-Moss Jar
  • Glowing-Moss Pointed Cap
  • Glowing-Moss Pond
  • Glowing-Moss Rug
  • Glowing-Moss Ruins Wall
  • Glowing-Moss Statue
  • Glowing-Moss Stool
  • Glowing-Moss Wreath
  • Hanging Glowing Moss
  • Rope-Net Flooring
  • Rope-Net Wall
  • Round Glowing-Moss Rug
  • Round Vine Rug
  • Ruined Arch
  • Ruined Broken Pillar
  • Ruined Broken Pillar
  • Ruined Seat
  • Suspicious Cauldron
  • Vine Bench
  • Vine Crown
  • Vine Garland
  • Vine Hanging Chair
  • Vine Lamp
  • Vine Outfit
  • Woven-Vine Pochette
  • Woven-Vines Hat