How to get the Froggy Chair | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Froggy chair we’ve come to know and love is finally back in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! in six different colors, no less! and it’s ready for you to claim in Update 2.0.

Read on to find out how you can collect this frog chair for yourself and how to get it in different colors.

How to get the Froggy Chair

What is the Froggy Chair?

The Froggy Chair is an item of Animal Crossing lore first introduced in Wild World, it has made appearances in every game since, The Froggy chair is one of the most anticipated items by Animal Crossing fans!

How can I get the Froggy Chair?

To obtain the Froggy Chair for yourself, it has been confirmed that you can purchase it from Redd.

Froggy Chair will also be available to buy from Nook’s Cranny, although rare and difficult to come across. It may also become available for purchase using the new currency obtained Poki at the resort in the DLC ( Happy Home Paradise), as well.

The Froggy chair is a difficult object to obtain, but it is possible to obtain it in three possible ways! Be patient and don’t give up to get it!

Froggy Chair

All in all, this appears to simply be a new, rare furniture item in the rotation — so your best bet is to work to get Redd to appear at Harv’s island, visit friends online who may have the Froggy Chair at Nook’s Cranny or at Redd’s, and maybe shake a tree or two on some island tours! We’re sure this item will begin popping up everywhere in no time.

Have you found the Froggy Chair out in the wild yet?