How to get Sanrio Villagers and items | Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Sanrio Villagers & Items are special collaboration items from Amiibo Cards in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

These new villagers and items were added in Version 1.9.0, known as the March Sanrio Update, released on March 18th, 2021

How to get Sanrio Villagers and items

To invite the six Sanrio-inspired villagers or order their associated furniture and clothing items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you need to scan one of the Sanrio Amiibo Cards in the game.

Each villager and their furniture collection is unlocked with their respective amiibo card.

What are Sanrio Amiibo Cards?

If you’re not familiar, amiibo cards are a series of collectibles sold by Nintendo that can interact with Animal Crossing: New Horizons when touched to the Nintendo Switch’s right control stick, or logo on Pro Controller.

These Amiibo cards can be found in different video game stores soon.

Sanrio Villager List

The villagers included in the Sanrio pack are:

  • Rilla, a Peppy personality Gorilla villager, inspired by Hello Kitty.
  • Marty, a Lazy personality Cub villager, inspired by Pompompurin.
  • Étoile, a Normal personality Sheep villager, inspired by Little Twin Stars.
  • Chai, a Peppy personality Elephant villager, inspired by Cinnamoroll.
  • Chelsea, a Normal personality Deer villager, inspired by My Melody.
  • Toby, a Smug personality Rabbit villager, inspired by Kerokerokeroppi.

Sanrio Furniture & Clothing Item List

Rilla (Hello Kitty)

Marty (Pompompurin)

Étoile (Little Twin Stars)

Chai (Cinnamoroll)

Chelsea (My Melody)

Toby (Kerokerokeroppi)

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