Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Villager List – Personalities And Gift Guide

Here’s a complete list of all the villagers in the game, plus their favorite personality, birthdays, colors, and styles. All the basic information you need to make them happy.

NamePersonalityBirthdateFavorite ColorsFavorite Styles
AdmiralCrankyJanuary 27Black, BlueCool
Agent SPeppyJuly 2Blue, BlackActive, Simple
AgnesUchiApril 21Pink, WhiteElegant, Simple
AlLazyOctober 18Red, WhiteActive
AlfonsoLazyJune 9Blue, RedSimple
AliceNormalAugust 19Pink, RedCute
AlliSnootyNovember 8Brown, YellowElegant, Gorgeous
AmeliaSnootyNovember 19Black, WhiteCool, Elegant
AnabellePeppyFebruary 16Blue, GreenCute, Simple
AnchovyLazyMarch 4Colorful, OrangeSimple
AngusCrankyApril 30Black, RedCool
AnicottiPeppyFebruary 24Pink, RedElegant, Simple
AnkhaSnootySeptember 22Brown, ColorfulGorgeous, Simple
AnnalisaNormalFebruary 6Pink, RedElegant, Gorgeous
AnnaliseSnootyDecember 2Blue, PurpleActive, Elegant
AntonioJockOctober 20Blue, Light BlueSimple
ApolloCrankyJuly 4BlackCool, Simple
ApplePeppySeptember 24Colorful, RedCute, Simple
AstridSnootySeptember 8Black, ColorfulActive, Cool
AudiePeppyAugust 31Green, WhiteActive, Cute
AuroraNormalJanuary 27Pink, RedCute, Elegant
AvaNormalApril 28Gray, RedCute, Elegant
AveryCrankyFebruary 22Brown, OrangeGorgeous, Simple
AxelJockMarch 23Green, WhiteActive, Simple
BaabaraSnootyMarch 28Blue, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
BamJockNovember 7Brown, GreenActive, Simple
BanglePeppyAugust 27Green, YellowCute, Gorgeous
BaroldLazyMarch 2Black, YellowCool, Simple
BeaNormalOctober 15Light Blue, GreenCool, Simple
BeardoSmugSeptember 27Blue, BrownElegant
BeauLazyApril 5Beige, OrangeCute, SImple
BeckySnootyDecember 9Pink, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
BellaPeppyDecember 28Black, PurpleActive, Cool
BenedictLazyOctober 10Blue, PurpleSimple
BenjaminLazyAugust 3Red, WhiteSimple
BerthaNormalApril 25Pink, WhiteCute, Elegant
BettinaNormalJune 12Red, WhiteElegant, Simple
BiancaPeppyDecember 13Orange, PinkCute
BiffJockMarch 29Black, BlueActive, Gorgeous
Big TopLazyOctober 3GreenActive, Simple
BillJockFebruary 1Blue, PurpleActive
BillyJockMarch 25Blue, PurpleActive, Simple
BiskitLazyMay 13Colorful, PurpleGorgeous, Simple
BittySnootyOctober 6Orange, PinkCute, Elegant
BlaireSnootyJuly 3Brown, OrangeElegant, Gorgeous
BlancheSnootyDecember 21Black, BrownElegant, Gorgeous
BluebearPeppyJune 24Blue, WhiteCute, Simple
BobLazyJanuary 1Colorful, RedCute, Simple
BonbonPeppyMarch 3Light Blue, YellowCute, Elegant
BonesLazyAugust 4Beige, BrownCute, Simple
BoomerLazyFebruary 7Beige, BrownCool, Simple
BooneJockSeptember 12Colorful, RedCool, Elegant
BootsJockAugust 7Colorful, PurpleActive, Gorgeous
BorisCrankyNovember 6Black, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
BoydCrankyOctober 1Black, RedCool, Simple
BreeSnootyJuly 7Black, BlueElegant, Gorgeous
BroccoloLazyJune 30Colorful, YellowCute, Simple
BroffinaSnootyOctober 24Black, RedElegant, Gorgeous
BruceCrankyMay 26Black, RedCool, Simple
BubblesPeppySeptember 18Pink, PurpleActive, Cute
BuckJockApril 4Brown, GrayActive, Simple
BudJockAugust 8Green, YellowActive, Simple
BunniePeppyMay 9Green, PinkCute
ButchCrankyNovember 1Blue, GrayCool, Simple
BuzzCrankyDecember 7Red, YellowActive, Simple
CallyNormalSeptember 4Green, RedCute, Elegant
CamofrogCrankyJune 5Blue, WhiteActive, Cool
CanberraUchiMay 14Green, Light BlueActive, Cool
CandiPeppyApril 13Light Blue, YellowCute, Simple
CarmenPeppyJanuary 6Beige, GreenCute, Elegant
CarolineNormalJuly 15Colorful, WhiteCute, Gorgeous
CarrieNormalDecember 5Colorful, RedCute
CashmereSnootyApril 2Beige, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
CeliaNormalMarch 25Green, PinkCute, Elegant
CesarCrankySeptember 6Blue, Light BlueCool, Elegant
ChadderSmugDecember 15Black, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
CharliseUchiApril 17Orange, RedActive, Cute
CheriPeppyMarch 17Light Blue, YellowCute, Simple
CherryUchiMay 11Black, PurpleCool, Elegant
ChesterLazyAugust 6Green, YellowSimple
ChevreNormalMarch 6Pink, RedCute, Elegant
ChiefCrankyDecember 19Gray, WhiteCool, Simple
ChopsSmugOctober 13Green, RedElegant, Gorgeous
ChowCrankyJuly 22Black, WhiteCool, Gorgeous
ChrissyPeppyAugust 28Pink, WhiteCute
ClaudeLazyDecember 3Black, ColorfulSimple
ClaudiaSnootyNovember 22Purple, WhiteElegant, Gorgeous
ClayLazyOctober 19thBeige, BrownElegant, Simple
CleoSnootyFebruary 9Light Blue, WhiteCute, Elegant
ClydeLazyMay 1Green, WhiteCute, Simple
CoachJockApril 29Blue, RedActive
CobbJockOctober 7Blue, WhiteActive, Simple
CocoNormalMarch 1Beige, GreenCute, Simple
ColeLazyAugust 10Colorful, SimpleCute, Simple
ColtonSmugMay 22Blue, RedElegant, Gorgeous
CookiePeppyJune 18Green, Light BlueCute
CousteauJockDecember 17Green, RedElegant, Gorgeous
CranstonLazySeptember 23Beige, BrownCool, Simple
CroqueCrankyJuly 18Orange, RedCool, Elegant
CubeLazyJanuary 29Colorful, YellowCute, Simple
CurlosSmugMay 8Green, RedActive, Gorgeous
CurlyJockJuly 26Colorful, YellowActive, Simple
CurtCrankyJuly 1Blue, WhiteCool
CydCrankyJune 9Black, YellowActive, Cool
CyranoCrankyMarch 9Beige, YellowActive, Cool
DaisyNormalNovember 16Blue, ColorfulCute, Simple
DeenaNormalJune 27Blue, ColorfulCute, Simple
DeirdreUchiMay 4OrangeSimple
DelCrankyMay 27Blue, WhiteCool, Simple
DeliLazyMay 24Brown, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
DerwinLazyMay 25Beige, YellowElegant, Simple
DianaSnootyJanuary 4Pink, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
DivaUchiOctober 2Light Blue, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
DizzyLazyJanuary 14Blue, YellowSimple
DobieCrankyFebruary 17Beige, BrownCool, Simple
DocLazyMarch 16Beige, GrayElegant, Simple
DomJockMarch 18Colorful, RedActive, Cute
DoraNormalFebruary 18Blue, Light BlueElegant, Simple
DottyPeppyMarch 14Black, BlueCute, Simple
DragoLazyFebruary 12Orange, RedElegant, Gorgeous
DrakeLazyJune 25Brown, RedCool, Simple
DriftJockOctober 9Orange, RedActive, Simple
EdSmugSeptember 16Black, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
EgbertLazyOctober 14Beige, BrownSimple
EliseSnootyMarch 21Purple, RedElegant, Gorgeous
EllieNormalMay 12Gray, PinkCute, Simple
ElmerLazyOctober 5Blue, WhiteCool, Simple
EloiseSnootyDecember 8Green, OrangeElegant, Simple
ElvisCrankyJuly 23Black, RedElegant, Gorgeous
ErikLazyJuly 27Beige, RedSimple
EugeneSmugOctober 26Black, GrayCool, Gorgeous
EuniceNormalApril 3Beige, OrangeElegant, Simple
FangCrankyDecember 18Light Blue, WhiteCool, Simple
FaunaNormalMarch 26Beige, WhiteCute, Simple
FelicityPeppyMarch 30Orange, YellowCute
FilbertLazyJune 3Blue, WhiteSimple, Cute
FlipJockNovember 21Blue, YellowActive, Simple
FloUchiSeptember 2Purple, RedCool, Gorgeous
FloraPeppyFebruary 9Colorful, PinkActive, Cute
FlurryNormalJanuary 30Pink, RedCute, Elegant
FrancineSnootyJanuary 22Black, BlueElegant, Gorgeous
FrankCrankyJuly 30Brown, YellowCool, Gorgeous
FrecklesPeppyFebruary 19Colorful, GreenCute, Simple
FreyaSnootyDecember 14Blue, GreenCool, Elegant
FrigaSnootyOctober 16Black, PinkElegant, Gorgeous
FritaUchiJuly 16Red, YellowActive, Cute
FrobertJockFebruary 8Blue, ColorfulActive, Simple
FuchsiaUchiSeptember 19PinkCool
GabiPeppyDecember 16Brown, RedCute, Gorgeous
GalaNormalMarch 5Pink, WhiteCute, Elegant
GastonCrankyOctober 28Brown, OrangeGorgeous, Simple
GayleNormalMay 17Pink, WhiteCute
GenjiJockJanuary 21Green, PurpleElegant, Simple
GigiSnootyAugust 11Black, WhiteElegant, Gorgeous
GladysNormalJanuary 15Green, PinkCute, Elegant
GloriaSnootyAugust 12Black, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
GoldieNormalDecember 27Orange, YellowCute, Simple
GonzoCrankyOctober 13Black, GreenCool, Simple
GooseJockOctober 4Blue, WhiteActive, Simple
GrahamSmugJune 20Green, OrangeCool, Simple
GretaSnootySeptember 5Pink, PurpleElegant, Simple
GrizzlyCrankyJuly 31Black, RedCool, Simple
GrouchoCrankyOctober 23Black, GrayCool, Simple
GruffCrankyAugust 29Black, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
GwenSnootyJanuary 23Green, WhiteElegant, Gorgeous
HamletJockMay 30Blue, PurpleActive, Simple
HamphreyCrankyFebruary 25Beige, GrayCool, Simple
HansSmugDecember 5Blue, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
HarryCrankyJanuary 7Green, OrangeCool, Simple
HazelUchiAugust 30Red, YellowActive, Cute
HenrySmugSeptember 21Blue, Light BlueCool, Simple
HippeuxSmugOctober 15Brown, GreenElegant, Gorgeous
HopkinsLazyMarch 11Blue, YellowActive, Simple
HopperCrankyApril 6Red, YellowCool, Simple
HornsbyLazyMarch 20Brown, GreenSimple
HuckSmugJuly 9Green, YellowCool, Simple
HughLazyDecember 30Beige, YellowActive, Simple
IgglyJockNovember 2Blue, RedActive, Simple
IkeCrankyMay 16Blue, GreenCool
JacobLazyAugust 24Green, RedSimple
JacquesSmugJune 22Green, BlackCool, Simple
JambetteNormalOctober 27BrownCool
JayJockJuly 17Blue, Light BlueActive
JeremiahLazyJuly 8Orange, YellowSimple
JittersJockFebruary 2Orange, YellowActive
JoeyLazyJanuary 3Blue, GreenSimple
JudySnootyMarch 10Pink, WhiteCute, Elegant
JuliaSnootyJuly 31Purple, RedElegant, Gorgeous
JulianSmugMarch 15Blue, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
JuneNormalMay 21Red, WhiteCute, Simple
KabukiCrankyNovember 29Purple, RedSimple
KattUchiApril 27Black, PurpleCool
KeatonSmugJune 1Blue, WhiteCool, Gorgeous
KenSmugDecember 23Blue, PurpleCool, Simple
KetchupPeppyJuly 27Light Blue, WhiteCute
KevinJockApril 26Black, RedActive, Simple
Kid CatJockAugust 1RedActive, Simple
KiddSmugJune 28Gray, WhiteCool, Elegant
KikiNormalOctober 8Beige, BrownSimple
KittNormalOctober 11Purple, RedElegant, Simple
KittySnootyFebruary 15Gray, GreenElegant, Gorgeous
KlausSmugMarch 31Gray, WhiteSimple
KnoxCrankyNovember 23Brown, RedElegant, Gorgeous
KodyJockSeptember 28Colorful, WhiteActive, Simple
KyleSmugDecember 6Black, WhiteCool, Gorgeous
LeonardoJockMay 15Blue, RedActive, Gorgeous
LeopoldSmugAugust 14Green, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
LilyNormalFebruary 4Yellow, WhiteCute, Simple
LimbergCrankyOctober 17Blue, GreenCool, Simple
LionelSmugJuly 29Gray, GreenActive, Gorgeous
LoboCrankyNovember 5Beige, BlackActive, Cool
LollyNormalMarch 27Gray, PinkSimple
LopezSmugAugust 20GrayGorgeous
LouieJockMarch 26Gray, RedActive, Simple
LuchaSmugDecember 12Black, GrayActive, Cool
LuckyLazyNovember 4Beige, WhiteSimple
LucyNormalJune 2Pink, RedCute, Elegant
LymanJockOctober 12Light Blue, YellowActive, Simple
MacJockNovember 11Black, RedActive, Cool
MaddiePeppyJanuary 11Pink, PurpleCute, Simple
MaelleSnootyApril 8Pink, WhiteCool, Simple
MaggieNormalSeptember 3Green, YellowCute, Elegant
MallarySnootyNovember 17Blue, WhiteCool, Gorgeous
MapleNormalJune 15Beige, GreenCute, Simple
MarcelLazyDecember 31Blue, GreenCool, Simple
MarcieNormalMay 31Beige, PinkCute, Elegant
MargieNormalJanuary 28Pink, RedCute, Elegant
MarinaNormalJune 26Pink, RedCute
MarshalSmugSeptember 29Blue, Light BlueCool, Elegant
MathildaSnootyNovember 12Red, WhiteCool, Gorgeous
MeganNormalMarch 13Light Blue, YellowCute, Simple
MelbaNormalApril 12Green, WhiteCute
MerengueNormalMarch 19Red, WhiteCute, Simple
MerryPeppyJune 29Light Blue, PinkCute
MidgeNormalMarch 12PinkCute, Simple
MintSnootyMay 2Pink, PurpleCute, Gorgeous
MiraUchiJuly 6Red, YellowActive, Cool
MirandaSnootyApril 23Blue, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
MitziNormalSeptember 25Beige, BrownSimple
MoeLazyJanuary 12Black, GrayActive, Simple
MollyNormalMarch 7Pink, YellowCute, Simple
MoniqueSnootySeptember 30Pink, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
MontyCrankyDecember 7Gray, YellowCool
MooseJockSeptember 13Purple, RedCool, Gorgeous
MottJockJuly 10Blue, GreenActive, Elegant
MuffyUchiFebruary 14Black, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
MurphyCrankyDecember 29Blue, WhiteCool, Simple
NanNormalAugust 24Orange, YellowElegant, Simple
NanaNormalAugust 23Pink, WhiteCute
NaomiSnootyCowFebruary 28thmoolah
NateLazyAugust 16Green, WhiteSimple
NibblesPeppyJuly 19Red, YellowActive, Cute
NormaNormalSeptember 20Light Blue, WhiteCute, Simple
O’HareSmugJuly 24Blue, Light BlueActive, Cool
OctavianCrankySeptember 20Black, WhiteCool, Simple
OlafSmugMay 19Black, RedElegant, Gorgeous
OliveNormalJuly 12Brown, YellowSimple
OliviaSnootyFebruary 3Black, WhiteCool, Elegant
OpalSnootyJanuary 20Black, OrangeCool, Elegant
OzzieLazyMay 7Orange, YellowCute, Simple
PancettiSnootyNovember 14Red, YellowCute, Gorgeous
PangoPeppyNovember 9Orange, PurpleCool, Elegant
PaoloLazyMay 5Gray, Light BlueElegant, Simple
PapiLazyJanuary 10Light Blue, OrangeSimple
PashminaUchiDecember 26Colorful, RedCool, Elegant
PatePeppyFebruary 23Yellow, WhiteCute, Simple
PattyPeppyMay 10Orange, RedCute, Simple
PaulaUchiMarch 22Green, OrangeActive, Cute
PeachesNormalNovember 28Colorful, Light BlueCute, Simple
PeanutPeppyJune 8Colorful, RedCute
PecanSnootySeptember 10Beige, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
PeckJockJuly 25Beige, RedActive, Simple
PeeweeCrankySeptember 11Blue, OrangeActive, Cool
PeggyPeppyMay 23Blue, RedActive, Cute
PekoeNormalMay 18Beige, RedCute, Elegant
PenelopePeppyFebruary 5Pink, RedCute, Gorgeous
PhilSmugNovember 27Green, RedCool, Elegant
PhoebeUchiApril 22Black, RedGorgeous, Cool
PierceJockJanuary 8Orange, YellowActive, Elegant
PietroSmugApril 19Colorful, RedGorgeous, Simple
PinkyPeppySeptember 9Pink, RedCute, Simple
PiperPeppyApril 18Black, WhiteElegant, Gorgeous
PippyPeppyJune 14Brown, GreenCute, Simple
PluckyUchiOctober 12Light Blue, YellowCool, Simple
PompomPeppyFebruary 11Light Blue, PinkCute, Simple
PonchoJockJanuary 2Orange, YellowSimple
PoppyNormalAugust 5Green, YellowCute, Elegant
PortiaSnootyOctober 25Black, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
PrinceLazyJuly 21Yellow, WhiteActive, Simple
PuckLazyFebruary 21Blue, RedActive, Simple
PuddlesPeppyJanuary 13Green, PinkCute, Gorgeous
PudgeLazyJune 11Blue, GreenSimple
PunchyLazyApril 11Blue, Light BlueSimple
PurrlSnootyMay 29Blue, GrayCool, Elegant
QueenieSnootyNovember 13Black, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
QuillsonSmugDecember 22Beige, OrangeCool, Elegant
RaddleLazyJune 6Gray, WhiteElegant, Simple
RasherCrankyApril 7Black, BlueCool, Simple
RaymondSmugOctober 1Black, GrayCool, Elegant
RenéeUchiMay 28Purple, YellowActive, Cool
ReneighUchiJune 4Black, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
RexLazyJuly 24Blue, Light BlueCute, Simple
RhondaNormalJanuary 24Black, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
RibbotJockFebruary 13Blue, Light BlueSimple, Active
RickyCrankySeptember 14Blue, RedCool, Simple
RizzoCrankyJanuary 17Black, GrayCool, Simple
RoaldJockJanuary 5Red, YellowActive, Simple
RobinSnootyDecember 4Light Blue, PurpleCool, Elegant
RoccoCrankyAugust 18Black, YellowCool, Simple
RocketUchiApril 14Pink, RedActive, Cool
RodJockAugust 14Blue, Light BlueActive, Cool
RodeoLazyOctober 29Black, RedCool, Simple
RodneySmugNovember 10Colorful, PinkCool, Gorgeous
RolfCrankyAugust 22Blue, BlackActive, Cool
RooneyCrankyDecember 1Black, GrayActive
RoryJockAugust 7Blue, RedActive, Simple
RoscoeCrankyJune 16Black, GrayCool, Gorgeous
RosiePeppyFebruary 27Pink, RedCute
RowanJockAugust 26Gray, Light BlueActive, Simple
RubyPeppyDecember 25Light Blue, PinkActive, Cute
RudyJockDecember 20Beige, YellowActive, Simple
SallyNormalJune 19Beige, WhiteElegant, Simple
SamsonJockJuly 5Red, YellowActive, Simple
SandyNormalOctober 21Light Blue, WhiteCool, Simple
SavannahNormalJanuary 25Blue, Light BlueCool, Simple
ScootJockJune 13Beige, BlueActive, Simple
ShariUchiApril 10Light Blue, YellowActive, Cute
SheldonJockFebruary 26Green, YellowActive, Cool
ShepSmugNovember 24Blue, Light BlueCool, Simple
SherbLazyJanuary 18Blue, GrayCute, Simple
SimonLazyJanuary 19Colorful, RedActive, Simple
SkyeNormalMarch 24Blue, WhiteCute
SlyJockNovember 15Brown, GreenCool, Simple
SnakeJockNovember 3Black, BlueActive, Simple
SnootySnootyAugust 24Green, YellowSimple
SoleilSnootyAugust 9Red, YellowCool, Gorgeous
SparroJockNovember 20Gray, GreenActive, Simple
SpikeCrankyJune 17Black, GrayCool, Gorgeous
SporkLazySeptember 3Colorful, GreenActive, Simple
SprinklePeppyFebruary 20Light Blue, WhiteCute, Elegant
SprocketJockDecember 1Green, OrangeActive, Simple
StaticCrankyJuly 9Black, YellowActive, Cool
StellaNormalApril 9Beige, YellowSimple
SterlingJockDecember 11Blue, RedElegant, Simple
StinkyJockAugust 17Blue, RedActive, Simple
StitchesLazyFebruary 10Colorful, WhiteCute, Simple
StuLazyApril 20Beige, BrownSimple
SydneyNormalJune 21Beige, YellowCute, Simple
SylvanaNormalOctober 22Green, PurpleCute, Simple
SylviaUchiMay 3Green, YellowGorgeous, Simple
T-BoneCrankyMay 20Black, BlueCool, Simple
TabbyPeppyAugust 13Black, GrayActive, Cool
TadJockAugust 3Colorful, YellowActive, Simple
TammiPeppyApril 2Green, PurpleActive, Cute
TammyUchiJune 23Purple, RedActive, Cool
TangyPeppyJune 17Green, YellowCute, Simple
TankJockMay 6Green, RedActive, Simple
TashaSnootyNovember 30Beige, GrayElegant, Gorgeous
TeddyJockSeptember 26Orange, YellowSimple
TexSmugOctober 6Black, GrayCool, Elegant
TiaNormalNovember 18Black, WhiteCute, Elegant
TiffanySnootyJanuary 9Black, RedCool, Gorgeous
TimbraSnootyOctober 21Brown, GreenElegant, Gorgeous
TipperSnootyAugust 25Colorful, PinkCute, Gorgeous
TomCrankyDecember 10Black, GrayCool, Simple
TrufflesPeppyJuly 28Green, RedCute, Gorgeous
TuckerLazySeptember 7Orange, YellowActive, Simple
TutuPeppyNovember 15Pink, RedCute, Simple
TwiggyPeppyJuly 13Blue, PinkCute, Simple
TybaltJockAugust 19Blue, PurpleActive, Simple
UrsalaUchiJanuary 16Orange, RedCute, Simple
VelmaSnootyJanuary 14Light Blue, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
VestaNormalApril 16Orange, RedCute, Simple
VicCrankyDecember 29Blue, Light BlueActive, Cool
VictoriaPeppyJuly 11Orange, YellowActive, Simple
VioletSnootySeptember 1Pink, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
VivianSnootyJanuary 26Gray, PurpleElegant, Gorgeous
VladimirCrankyAugust 2Colorful, YellowCool, Simple
WadeLazyOctober 30Blue, Light BlueGorgeous, Simple
WalkerLazyJune 10Orange, RedSimple
WaltCrankyApril 24Black, GrayCool
Wart Jr.CrankyAugust 21Blue, PurpleSimple
WeberLazyJune 30Black, BlueCool, Simple
WendyPeppyAugust 15Green, RedCool, Gorgeous
WhitneySnootySeptember 17Blue, Light BlueCool, Elegant
WillowSnootyNovember 26Pink, WhiteCute, Gorgeous
WinniePeppyJanuary 31Gray, WhiteCool, Simple
WolfgangCrankyNovember 25Black, GreenActive, Cool
YukaSnootyJuly 20Orange, YellowCool, Elegant
ZellSmugJune 7Gray, PurpleCool, Gorgeous
ZuckerLazyMarch 8Blue, YellowCute, Simple

The word ‘uchi’ is used to describe a specific personality trait in Animal Crossing.

The Japanese word has several meanings – ‘home’ or ‘inside’, villagers with this personality like to be at home. This is a complete list with all the villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Also, you will find the birthdays of every villager on the island.

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