Let this Isabelle Animal Crossing Apple Watch face brighten your week

If you’ve got a smartwatch, have we got an exciting widget for you, with one talented Reddit user, nekomichi, recently sharing their customised Animal Crossing Isabelle smart watch face with the active ACNH community. Today I bring you a complete tutorial to customize the screen of your Apple Watch.

How to customize the Apple Watch face with Isabelle

As we mentioned earlier, the original creator of the Animal Crossing watch face uploaded a detailed Reddit post explaining how to recreate the process. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult a task to get Isabella onto your smartwatch, providing you have a few spare minutes.

This watch face was made using an app called Widgy, you can copy across this design by using this QR code. The background image must also be manually imported.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Install Widgy on your phone and wait for the companion Watchy to install on your watch.
  2. In Widgy, go to the watch face tab and select ‘Import».
  3. Scan the next QR code.
  4. On the «Manage» tab, assign the watch face to one of the empty slots.
  5. Open Watchy on your watch and make sure the screen isn’t dimmed, tap on the «Sync to watch» button on the iPhone app.
  6. On the iPhone, open the Watch app and go to General > Return to Clock.
  7. Select Watchy and set to 1 hour.


I made a custom watch face that displays the current city and time with Isabelle!
byu/nekomichi inAnimalCrossing

Reddit user shows his amazing Animal Crossing: New Horizons theme on Apple Watch

The above user has found an ingenious idea to make Isabelle from ACNH speak out time, date, and city for them! They did it in a very easy way using an app called Widgy. This app allows you to make any kind of widget that fits with your aesthetics.